Las Brisas Pool Service

Serving Sacramento, Elk Grove and surrounding areas (Land Park, the Pocket, Vineyard)

Phone 916-549-6672  (cell) or 916-681-8083 (office)

What we offer, what are your options?

Regular care and maintenance helps avoid costly breakdowns and huge one time costs for out of control pools. You actually save money with regular service.

We offer various weekly service plans that are sure to meet any needs and budget you may have. We offer great pricing for new clients and respect our longtime clients by keeping out rates always as low as possible. Please call to arrange an appointment to talk about your pool and specific requirements.

Monthly costs include normal chemicals: chlorine, pH balancing, conditioning and more! But please note that extreme circumstances and problems may call for additional treatment and charges

We also have contacts to provide for  proper repairs and installations beyond our personal capability.

Importantly, we also are able to point out and repair broken equipment.

In most cases we can offer replacement parts cheaper than you will be able to find them locally. In the end, our small monthly fee can easily save you money over the course of a year if parts need to be replaced.

Even with Our most basic level of service. we schedule service on the same day every week. We will check and balance the water chemistry so you don't have to.  You keep debris out of your pool, emptying the skimmer, filter and pool sweep as required.

Realize that paying the expensive retail cost of  normal pool chemicals and the time and expense associated with picking them up is costly (and where do you store them?).

With our next level of service we also empty the pool sweep, skimmers, and main pump basket weekly. We can keep your main filter cleaned at a small extra charge per season.  

While it only adds a small additional cost per month we can do even more. We clean the debris from the pool floor and top, leaving a clean surface. We also brush the steps and the walls as needed. If there is a spa connected , we will net it as needed. We leave your pool spotless and ready to enjoy your next pool party or just relaxing with a poolside dip."

We also know know how to keep pools available throughout the heavy swimmer loads of the summer and the heavy rain and debris months of autumn.

Call us and let us make your pool prettier and your life easier.